fat belly

“Can I burn fat in specific places?” is another frequently asked question when I’m talking to the general public regarding training.

Men are more prone to this desire of “spot reduction” simply due to the fact that a lot of guys hold most of their excess weight as a barrel around the mid section.

We also hear the term beer belly quite frequently and with good reason, drinking alcohol is a sure way to add inches to our stomachs because the calories in alcohol are so easy to consume which in turns means the body will inevitably store any excess calories as fat!

Due to the specific spot of this adipose tissue (fat) being placed over the abdominals, some people could assume that performing hours of crunches and planks will encourage the fat surrounding this area to be used as fuel because it’s closest to the working muscle group.

Unfortunately this attempt at a localised fat burn isn’t going to yield the direct results that you were hoping for. This is due to the fact that our bodies will utilise fatty acids as fuel but because the fat stored around the belly is still in the form of triglycerides, it isn’t the fuel that’s immediately available.

What does this mean for my training?

Instead of trying to target specific areas (the bingo wings girls :P) with isolation exercises, you are better off opting for compound movements at a higher intensity to help raise your bodies metabolic rate and blast away the fat from all areas including the specific places you are hoping for.

Try picking 2 or 3 big movements and combining them into a fat burning circuit, for example:


Do 3 rounds of 40 seconds work followed by 20 seconds rest performing




Medicine ball slams

medi ball slams

Alternating lunges

alternating lunges



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