Several months ago I received an email asking me to test a new pre-workout supplement called Nitrocut.

I agreed to put it to the test since I had an obstacle race coming up and I was also trying to regain some strength at the time.

I am always quite skeptical of supplements and their effectiveness in truth, even with strict regulations I’m sure some products may contain different ingredients to what’s listed on the label (perhaps I just have my conspiracy head on today?!).

I’m sure this isn’t the case but never the less, I am hard to convince that popping a few tablets can make a dramatic improvement to performance (in a natural, side effect free form).

Here’s a closer look at the ingredients:










With the combination of my own knowledge and some light research into the ingredients, I have found the following information about Nitrocut:

Vitamins D3, B6 and B12– helps to increase muscle strength, endurance, speed and bone density

A-AKG, A-KIC, L-Arginine and L-citrulline– boost overall performance and muscle growth

Fenugreek, Tribulus, Longfolia and Avena Sativa– boost natural testosterone production, increase muscle mass, stamina and improve libido

Raspberry Ketone– increase metabolism and burn fat


Personally I found my recovery time in between sets was reduced and my overall energy levels seemed to be higher.

I was also surprised that I felt stronger especially when I was at least a week into a cycle of Nitrocut.

It’s unclear whether this was an actual effect of Nitrocut or perhaps just a placebo.

Either way, it has made a difference to my training and I would therefore recommend it to anyone that’s considering added an additional supplement to their diet and training.


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