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“I want a six pack” is one of the main things I hear (especially from the guys) but yet it seems to be out of reach for all but the hardened gym buffs right?

Well here are a few reasons why the washboard look could be alluding you:


Your fat percentage is too high

This may be obvious to some people but the fact is there are so many gym goers who spend hours on end doing crunches only to see the same physique in the mirror months down the line.

The fact is, you can spend hours hitting the rectus adominis but if your body holds more than 10% fat then it’s very unlikely that your abs will be on show.

Try some high intensity interval training like kettlebells or plyometrics to shred the unwanted flab from your midsection.


Your diet isn’t on point

It’s confession time for me.

When I first started in the fitness industry around 12 years ago I thought it would be possible for me to train my ass off without having to worry too much about my diet and still obtain a six pack.

Guess what? My abs were hidden away under a layer of (what I used to call) chub.

Don’t get me wrong, my physique was ok and you could make out the beginnings of a chiseled torso but it wasn’t as ripped as I would have liked.

It really is true what they say, a good physique comes from 20% training and 80% nutrition.

If you want to have a great body then you need to be more careful about the food you use to fuel it, a great training routine coupled with a diet of fast food and confectionery will only lead to disappointment.


You aren’t getting enough sleep

Ever other part of your training can be spot on but without adequate rest, your body will not adapt or repair properly.

Protein synthesis (assuming you’re consuming enough of the good stuff) occurs and growth hormone is produced during your visit from the sandman.

It’s especially important to have REM (rapid eye movement) sleep in order for our bodies to recover properly so make sure you get your  7-9 hours per night as recommended by the sleep foundation.



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