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In this video my twin (Daniel) and I discuss the different issues and/or scenarios you may find upon joining a gym.

The first thing we talk about is having clear goals and it’s importance. Goals are great for keeping us motivated and focused especially on those days when it may be hard to drag yourself to the gym and train.

Visiting more than one gym is the next topic because finding the right venue for your needs is absolutely a huge factor in aiding/hindering your progress.

We then touch upon some common mistakes that the newbie may make or the different traps it’s easy to fall into when faced with your new environment.

A sub category of the above is trying to avoid simply copying someone else to the letter as this may not be the best type of training (or technique!) for you.

Next on the list is following through with your plan which includes having structure to your routine.

The best way to do this is by having a program written out for you to follow.

The importance of building a good foundation, namely ensuring you build a strong core before going full throttle at every exercise known to man.

To help with motivation there are lots of people who will buddy up with a friend to help keep them on track.

Having a training partner is a great idea for so many reasons including encouragement, better focus, improved technique by watching each others alignment and form.

The gym is full of distractions whether that’s a class that’s taking place next door in the studio, friends who are trying to have a chat like it’s a Friday night in the pub or (yes, you’ve guessed it) the opposite sex.

I know with all of the hot girls/guys all around you, your focus might not always be on your next exercise but lets all try and control ourselves and also respect everyone else’s right to train.

Last but not least we talk about gym etiquette and some of the more frustrating things that new and old gym members alike can be guilty of, try not to be one of them please.



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