Winter Warmer

Hi all,

In this video you will see our Winter Warmer workout which is designed specifically to help burn calories, boost your metabolism and improve your endurance level throughout the winter months.

This is a high intensity work out that you can complete for time in order to help you with tracking your progress.

There are some alternatives to a few of the exercises depending on your level of fitness/ability.

Here is the Winter Warmer workout:

  • 50 reps kettlebell swings (or deadlifts)
  • 10 reps burpees
  • 40 reps air squats
  • 10 reps burpees
  • 30 reps sit ups
  • 10 reps burpees
  • 20 reps jumping (or standard) lunges
  • 10 reps burpees
  • 10 reps plyometric press ups (standard or on knees)
  • 10 reps burpees

For the kettlebell swings we recommend a weight of 12kg-20kg for men & 8kg-16kg for women (but this isn’t set in stone :P)

In order to get the best results, we suggest completing this workout at least 3 times per week but that’s a very short time taken out of each day as most people will finish in under 15 minutes.

Please post your times in the comment section and any additional improvements or results whilst following this workout.


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