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Dips progression & technique

In this video you will see some dips progression with correct form using a variety of equipment. Dips (as with many movements) can often be performed incorrectly using poor alignment, limited range of motion and poor positioning just to name a few.

We have made this video to help highlight the proper technique with the added bonus of progression (and regression) for the exercise.


  • Narrow grip with knuckles facing down towards the ground

  • Legs together

  • Lower body down to at least a right angle at the elbow

  • Push through palms, extending the arms just before they lock out

  • Slight tilt forward throughout to ensure the chest is engaged

  • Keep movement slow and controlled (avoid swinging/momentum)

  • Breathe in as you lower your body downwards and breathe out on the push up phase

Simplified version

The simplified version is the assisted dips which follows the same principles of the standard exercise with the exception of it being performed either with a weighted assistance platform or resistance band

Dips progression options

There are a few options which include:

  • Negative (slow tempo lowering 3-4 seconds) with push up

  • Negative reps with drop/release before resetting at the top/begining

  • Weighted repetitions

Let us know your thoughts and please feel free to send us your questions and/or workout videos to share with our blog followers.


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