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“I went to see Lee as I needed a full body reset. I have extremely tight calves, regular pain in my lower back and my upper back was like an ironing board.
2 x 90 minutes sessions later I can safely say it was money well spent.
I feel great.
Lee is friendly, polite and sympathetic to the fact that the service is painful but works with you to deliver benefit without it being overwhelming.
I intend to go back regularly.
Thanks Lee. ” Mike Dunlop 

“Diana has good knowledge about body fitness and she gives you the right advice as per your requirements. I took a shoulder massage recently and it was truly good. Will definitely go back to get my shoulder up and running.” Aditya Keshari

“There is an intelligence & sensitivity about the way Lee trains people. He has an almost sixth sense in knowing how far (or not!) to push you. His dedication to fitness & the science of the sport is, without question, fundamental to Lee.
He has helped me with my nutrition & keeping a food diary & after 18 months of training with Lee for only one hour per week, I have gone down 2 dress sizes, can’t say fairer than that. I highly recommend him as a
personal trainer ” Morag Barson - Near Newbury, Berkshire

“Having trained with Lee on and off for over two years, I can honestly say that no two training sessions have ever been the same. I have done suspension training, kettlebells, boxercise, training with medicine balls and gym balls as well as many many lunges, squats, presses and, my personal favourite (not) mountain climbers! Not only am I impressed with the variety that Lee introduces to the sessions, but his ability to judge what I am capable of and how far to push me and when I am perhaps being a bit lazy is uncanny. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants to get fit and  likes variety. Lee is also able to offer good nutritional advice when asked.” - *Theresa Knowles, Director Knowles-Wilkins Engineering - Berkshire

"Diana is just inspirational and motivational! I was one of those girls who hated PE, I was so insecure and hated the way my body moved. I was always afraid to step into anywhere active and have people stare at me even if they weren't! Diana has not only helped my physical appearance but also developed my mind and boosted my confidence 10fold. I will be forever grateful!" - Rhiannon Griffiths - Theale, Berkshire

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