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What's your next goal? What are you finding difficult?

With September fast approaching, my focus is now on The Nuts challenge in the hope that I may still qualify and experience the OCR world championships for the first time. As with so much in life, nothing ever seems to go as planned after injuring my ankle in my last race and then missing the following race due to not having healed yet. I thought I'd have qualified by now and it would be smooth sailing.

Guess what.....

That's life!

Sometimes things happen and we have to adapt then make the most of it. We can whine and make excuses as to why we are not successful, how it's not our fault or how it just comes easier for someone else


We pick ourselves back up and keep going. The only difference between someone who is considered a success and someone who is a "sympathy case" is the successful dust themselves off and try again, failure is not an option.

YOUR FITNESS journey is no different. It may not come naturally to you..... You may have an illness or injury... You might think it's too late to change.... It doesn't matter what your obstacles are, you can always improve and see results!

Do it alone, do it with a friend &/

or do it with us....... Comment, DM or contact: 07736515281

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