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Sports Massage Therapy
  • Professional Service

  • Available Both Mobile & At Newbury Better Health & Fitness Centre 

  • For All Sports/Everyday Aches & Pains 

Personal Training
  • Friendly

  • Effective

  • Knowledgeable

  • Motivating

  • Mobile Service

  • Stop smoking

  • Lose weight (fat)

  • Improve sports performance

  • Overcome fears & phobias

  • Manage stress & anxiety

BerkshireFitness & Wellbeing 
Sports Massage Therapy,
Hypnotherapy & Personal Training Available In Newbury, Berkshire  

Contact us & book an appointment

Berkshire Fitness & Wellbeing offers a comprehensive service to help clients in Newbury, Berkshire reach their goals. from losing fat & improving core stability to repairing muscular strains & reducing postural imbalances.

We pride ourselves on being reliable, friendly and effective.

A Berkshire Fitness therapist/trainer will see beyond the initial hurdles & challenges that you may be facing to find the source of a problem and fix it.

Our experience & qualifications allow us to apply science based reasoning to help you to progress to a new level of well being.

Your journey may take on a different path to the one you initially envisioned, however we are confident that with our help and guidance you will yield amazing results.


We want your transformation(s) to be long lasting and performed in the correct manner without short cuts that could hinder your overall progress.

Whether you're looking for Personal Training or Sports Massage Therapy, together we will build a better you!

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