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Looking For A Personal Trainer Or Mobile Sports Massage In Newbury & Reading, Berkshire?

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Specialists in Fat Loss, Functional & Core Stability Training

Spring into Fitness! Make a start towards your goals now and avoid the excuses later.

Berkshire Fitness will bring the gym to your door with our fully mobile service.

All of our personal trainers at Berkshire Fitness understand how you’re feeling. We have all seen the strict (maybe even scary!) instructors barking orders at a class full of intimidated individuals. Most of whom only came to the class to lose a bit of fat around the midsection.

Surely having someone standing in front of you shouting “welcome to my world maggots!” is the best way to reach your goals right? So what if you are screaming in pain or feel like your legs are going to fail, if Mr Beef head instructor says you need to drop and give him 20 then that’s the best thing for you. Isn’t it?!

There is another way!

A Berkshire Fitness trainer will help guide you through the hard times with solid, consistent, non-judgmental support. Of course we want to see you reach your goals but that doesn’t mean we have to resort to holding a cane in front of you in order to get results. We will simply give you effective sessions that are with in your capability, yet hard enough to challenge you. With our guidance and your perseverance, we will help you to reach your potential.

The reason why most of the generic “weight loss systems” work so intermittently for lots of people is they aren’t specific enough for the individual.

Everyone is different so obviously a one size fits all system to weight loss (and training for that matter) absolutely is not the answer.

An individual needs an INDIVIDUAL approach to their goals

Isn’t it time you had training specific for you?

A Berkshire Fitness personal trainer will coach both males and females of all fitness levels and ages but only those who are genuinely ready to make changes to improve their future. To apply for a FREE consultation and take your first step towards success, pick up the phone or fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Together we’ll build a better you!

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