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Couples Workout #2

Here is our latest couples workout video for you to enjoy!

We would love to hear from you with your opinions, questions or requests for future video content.

Lots of people have a training partner but by training as a couple there are obviously extra exercises that can be used :P

In this couples workout video you will see Diana & Lee performing some of the classic exercises with a slight twist, including:

  • Human deadlift

  • Duo linked press ups

  • Barbell/human weighted bench press

  • Human weighted squat

  • Human weight rows

  • Muscle up/pull up combo

  • Hiit sprint & Burpees

  • Duo pull up

  • Squat/incline press up combo

  • Suspension press up/chest presses

  • Walk to plank & sprint Hiit

Let us know your thoughts and please feel free to send us your couples workout videos to share with our blog followers.


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