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Postural Alignment - Core & Back Pain

It may not come as a shock to most of you that poor postural alignment or not maintaining a "neutral spine" can play a major role when it comes to back pain/problems.

A neutral spine can be simple explained as the spines natural S shaped curve, whether that's whilst sitting, standing or during movement.

We were all told as children to "Stop slouching" or to "Sit up straight" which was actually some good advice, unlike some of the more far fetched "If you keep pulling that face, you'll get stuck like that!" :P

Damage within the vertebral column  

Postural deviations such as; not maintaining a neutral spine during exercise or scoliosis will put stress on the spinal column as the correct stabilisation muscles will not be properly activating.

This can lead to ligament damage and micro tears to the facet (spinal) joints.

Inefficient bio-mechanical movement

As the saying goes "you can't fire a canon from a canoe".

Many weightlifters (especially the newbies) neglect (or are simply unaware about) the foundation that needs to be built in order to allow your body to perform in the correct manner when weight bearing.

The core needs to be strong to help the stress of lifting weights dissipate through the body correctly, without this we are putting too much demand through our joints and in turn creating poor bio-mechanics.

Muscle imbalance

If the spinal/core muscles aren't engaging properly then this may lead to further problems like a domino effect.

If our body deviates to our dominant side and that trend continues, later on down the line this can create even more muscle imbalances in the future.

These issues highlight the importance of finding a trainer who realises how necessary core stability and functional training is. Contact us to help you maintain a strong foundation of movement long into the future.

I know all of you will take note of this blog..... but just in case..........or if you have a friend in mind who didn't catch this information in time, you can always find a good sports massage therapist to help relieve the pain of an injury and aid in the overall recovery process ;)


Core Stability, Functional Training & Sports Massage for Real Results!

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